Comments Presented by GOP of NY State Assembly Were Refreshing to Hear from Politicians

All in all, it was so clearly obvious, just how honest and altruistic the Republican Assembly members were being in their factual statements, passionate remarks and confident body language. Where has that type of governing been and why has it taken so long for us to see it? Do these Democrat Politicians realize even though they are representing their State’s Districts, they are stilll being analyzed from the perspective of a global stage.

The Way It Should Be

This is how the U.S. political servants should always be operating as policymakers, no mattter what the topic is they are debating. The fact that it takes “a he-said/she-said smoking cessation device debate” in order to bring about such respected ways of responsible governance – the proper way to be conducting business in the NY State Assembly, should tell all the naysayers all they need to know. Thus, here is what they need to know: “This is important! We’re literally arguing about life and death!”

Not to mention, in reference to the general public of the U.S., they should also be taking notice of such intense political discourse among their elected representatives. So, when it comes to the viewpoints of other community members that increasingly make apathetic claims, perhaps following the legislature debates in their areas would be wise. Two very common statements that are fueled by apathy which are continuously heard, typically are spoken just like the examples provided below:

1) “This e-cig or Vapor debate has no real effect on my life.”

2) “I don’t really care one way or the other because I have no stake in this game.”

Please allow such examples, just as this session from the NY State Assembly, which provide us with such compelling, genuine, charismatic, passionate discourse fueled by truth and honesty from at least one side of the argument – as a testament to the concept that the Vaping lifestyle undoubtedly touches all of our lives.

We All Have a Stake in This Vapor Debate – Shake Off Your Apathy

Whether you choose to use or refuse the effects of vape products, many must now begin to see how we all have a stake in this cultural phenomenon that has become so much more than what whatever people claim it to be and how it will for now and forever affect the lives of everybody..

This was a strong example for a case of vapor finally having it’s voice be heard that any citizen/consumer/advocate along with any institution/govt. official/politician would surely be impressed with the very passionate, academic, logical, fascinating, genuine, truthful and professional in reference to a handful of Assembly Members challenging this proposed bill at the time.

Republican Vs. Democrat Comments

To put it frankly, after watching the most recent NY State Assembly debates on including “electronic cigarettes” as an extension to the indoor clean air act, it seemed so insane to even hear vapor being so politicized, vilified and villainized.

Though, this situation is a clear example of what the future holds, I’m just glad one party has decided to support vaping. However, Linda Rosenthal is a very misguided woman and I feel she is far more a threat than vapor ever would be to the citizens of New York. She was arguing against the entire usage of vapor products when the bill was based on whether or not second-hand vapor was harmful.

“The Reckless & Relentless Rosenthal,” kept saying, “This is about public health, people are spewing this aerosol at me.” Linda had to make it known that 9 counties have already adopted this legislation, “already covering 70% of the state” she said.

Republican Andrew Raia says, “So, we are trying to make county health officials into vapor police? I think they have enough responsibility already.”

Linda carries on and on with the same nonsense. While Republican Andrew Raia continues to ask her to produce a study that shows just how dangerous this vapor truly is in secondhand form.

Linda says, “I think you’re missing the point in this bill, this is about public health.” She goes onto quote all types of the same ole’ anti-vaping stats that had no relevance to the actual bill being proposed.

However, her comments were full of statistics that have been debunked definitely created a great argument that made anti-vape statements and statistics sound outrageous. She even quotes the recently fired Surgeon General. Linda kept repeating how dangerous vapor use actually was, especially the alarming “skyrocketing” usage among teenagers.

Andrew Raia says “Once again you are talking about the use of these products and not the second hand exposure which is what the bill is addressing.” Democrat Linda Rosenthal even claims that Republican Andrew Raia was only quoting studies funded by the Tobacco industry.

Andrew Raia responds, “May be so, but you’re not providing any studies that show second hand vapor is even harmful.”

Linda responds with, “Well, if you go to Roswell Park, they are endorsing this bill.” So, Raia responds beautifully by stating, “Well, they may sponsor this type of legislation, but I like to deal in facts.”

Rosenthal is so contradictory when responding with “In the public arena, we have to consider everyone’s rights. It is my right to not want someone spewing aerosol into my area.” Raia agrees with her and so do I, but only to a certain extent, what about vaper’s rights? After all, there is no evidence that this secondhand exposure is harmful .

Let’s be realistic, people just see the sight of vapor clouds and it’s so alarming and overwhelming in their viewpoint that they automatically see and think it is “Smoke!” Vape advocates know this is all too well.

If only these sensitive civilians were exposed more to the campaign “NOTBlowingSmoke” – since we’ve recently learned that the NY State Dept. of Health has launched a rip-off campaign of “Still Blowing Smoke” designed misrepresent the harm reduction method of vaping.

Wow, who is this fearful lady? And who does she think she is – claiming that vapor is “spewed” – as if all vapers are disgusting and inconsiderate individuals. Even Raia states throughout their debate “I cannot even recall the last time I even saw someone using an e-cigarette in public.”

Misinformation has become More Condescending

Okay, so, let’s go back for a moment. wait a minute.”spewing aerosol?” What? Does any vaper out there who quit smoking from using vapor products, feel as if they are spewing aerosol at people? No, of course not. Why? – because that’s such an exaggeration of utter nonsense, just an Opportunity for her to use fear-mongering type words to make this lifestyle seems scary even though it’s a harm reduction method not a harmful creation technique and she’s basically claiming it to be.

So, as I’m sure most Vapers are offended by these particular words, so I must set the record straight – Dear Miss Rosenthal, in no way is anyone who uses vapor products “spewing aerosol in another’s area” – that is pure fiction, exaggeration, misinformation and I feel you are doing your state a vast Injustice by using such language – labeling things other than what they really are, using the words aerosol and spewing are highly inaccurate judgments.

Ultimately limiting the usage of these products that have been proven to save lives. I used to be someone who voted Democrat all the time but since this illogical anti-vaping establishment that the Democrats have somehow attached themselves to, forces me to never be able to bring myself to even understand what your party members are even talking about anymore – it’s sad I’m not saying I’m Republican I’m just saying I will no longer support this Democratic party. It is now a fact, I know you all lie. No vaper spews anything, nor do they do so directly at others.

American Politics

After watching the video of this scenario unfolding, it is absolutely no question who it is that is expressing their arguments with facts, scientific evidence and and health portion of professionalism. Most of the governing policies proposed and imposed by either of America’s out-of-touch and deceptive policymakers, Republican or Democrat, nowadays are so off-base with what their community’s need or want – unfavorable and untrustworthy.

Thus, typically it is quite rare to ever feel satisfaction from any political servant’s words or actions, at least to a point in which they’re never impressive. However, for once, these brave political officials use logic, truth, liberty, and express their views with a passion equivalent to being reminiscent of the American Spirit. The GOP was telling the truth and backing up claims with real scientific evidence.

You be the judge, I’m exhausted. Watch the recording here:

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